Rules and Regulations

Preliminary Round

  1. The preliminary round requires participant teams to turn in an online submission with the following included:
    • 6 slide PowerPoint presentation (PDF form; 1 page abstract and 5 page project introduction)
    • 5-minute video presentation
  2. Participant teams will receive a registration confirmation email with the preliminary round competition guideline of the preliminary round rules after successfully signing up via the EMedic Global website. This preliminary round competition guideline includes:
    • EMedic Global Competition ID
    • A copy of your EMedical Global Competition 2017 Registration Form
    • Preliminary round judging criteria
    • Guidelines of the PowerPoint presentation and video presentation
  3. Submissions must be due before the deadline Saturday, July 15, 2017. A panel of international judges will do a virtual evaluation and select the best 15 teams to participate in the final round.

Final Round

  1. The finalist team list will be announced on Friday, August 4, 2017 via the Emedic Global website. Teams chosen to advance to the final round will also receive notifications via email, and need to have at least 2 members (including the faculty advisor) attend the final round. Financial assistance will be provided for finalist teams (stated as below), and will be given a 3-week period until Sunday, August 20, 2017 to confirm acceptance of participating in the final round. Finalist teams that don’t reply before the deadline will be considered to have forfeited the competition.
  2. Finalist teams need to prepare for an onsite PowerPoint presentation.
  3. For the PowerPoint presentation:
    • Finalist teams are to give an onsite presentation of the project design they submitted for the preliminary round. The PowerPoint used for the presentation can be the same as the one for the preliminary round, and changes in the content are allowed if needed.
    • Each finalist team is given 15 minutes, consisting of 5 minutes preparation time for their on-site set-up right before their presentation, 5 minutes for their presentation, and 5 minutes for the judge’s Q&A.
    • The order of finalist team presentations will be determined by drawing lots at the final competition venue.
    • Finalist teams are not expected to bring any apparatus or equipment that cannot be readily set up on-site within the 5 minutes preparation time. Further details on the equipment EMedic Global would be able to provide at the presentation venue will be mentioned in the finalist announcement.
    • Finalist teams can attend the presentations of the other finalist teams as observers to maximize learning opportunities. As observers, they cannot disturb the presentations of the other teams and can only move in or out of the presentation venue between presentations.
  4. Please be noted that we don't have any poster session this year.
  5. All EMedic Global awards will be presented at the Awards Ceremony. Absentees at the awards presentation will be assumed as forfeiting their awards.
  6. EMedic Global will not be responsible to keep nor return any equipment or other items left behind by the finalist teams.


Finalist teams are eligible for financial assistance regarding travelling and accommodation expenses. For travelling expenses, finalist teams not from Taiwan can receive up to NTD15,000 if the team’s university is located in the Asia-Pacific region, and up to NTD30,000 if the team’s university is located outside of the Asia-Pacific region. Accommodation will be provided for up to 4 members per team and the faculty advisor of the finalist teams. Finalist teams from outside of Taipei–Keelung metropolitan area in Taiwan will be provided accommodation for September 29; finalist teams not from Taiwan will be provided accommodation for September 29 and 30.